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Imperial Rum Solid Cologne


Imperial Rum Solid Cologne
Imperial Rum Solid Cologne Imperial Rum Solid Cologne

What is solid cologne & how do I use it? Our Imperial Rum solid cologne is a beeswax based cologne that pairs impeccably well with its shaving soap and post shave lotion namesakes. Unlike conventional cologne it contains no water, it travels well (effortlessly passing through airport security) and is easily portable thanks to its size.

Rub your finger across its surface or use the back of your thumb nail to extract an amount of your preference. Apply to a skin area of your choice, e.g. the neck or wrists and allow your skins warmth to unlock the scents full profile. Once done, re-lid your scent and secrete it in a pocket, draw or your bag.

Depending on a few factors, e.g. quantity applied, your skin type, weather, etc each application should last up to 2 hours. You can fine tune this by layering as little or as much solid cologne as you like throughout the day or evening.

Please note: We hand fill each tin with approximately 12g of cologne and do our very best to fill each tin as close to its lip as possible. However there may be a tiny variation in the amount in each unit as we take care not to overfill and render that tin useless. 

What does Imperial Rum smell of? Imperial Rum is a gentle and layered profile. It begins with a citrus nose of lime and sweet orange before moving in to the warm and spicy note of West Indian bay. Hints of vanilla and a slight balsamic scent merge in to the cinnamon, pepper and juniper notes of Allspice (pimenta dioica).

The scent settles down in to the sweetness and depth provided by ylang-ylang and benzoin. Imperial Rum is a balanced and carefully crafted profile that shifts and introduces aspects after its application.

Grounding, warming and relaxing, Imperial Rum is an impeccable choice for any season and pairs impeccably with its shaving soap and post shave lotion namesake. 

Ingredients: Cera alba, carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil and parfum.

Net weight: 12g, proudly made in Hitchin, England.

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Thank you from Austria


Smells amazingly

Imperial Rum is my 3rd solid cologne I have tried and my first P&A product acquisition. My first 2 experiences were not so great. The colognes smelled average and the products were greasy. P&B changed my mind. Here we have a very uniquly refreshing solid cologne, in a well designed container, brautiful graphics that is most importantly non-greasy. I have just received the product so I cannot comment on it’s longivity but longivity is not an issue (in case it becomes an issue) because I can simply re-apply as needed. I have also bought the Trafalgar cologne (which I haven’t used yet) but surely I will buy the Siptfire too...and the aftershaves too...and the soaps too!

Fit for an emperor

The scent on this cologne is wonderful and it's strength is long lasting. The presentation and packaging are first rate as with all P&B products
Nice size to carry around and looks like it's going to last for quite some time.

Imperial Rum Cologne

Excellent product, scent probably lasts for about two hours before reapplying. Lovely aroma of cloves.


Great solid cologne

The only club in town