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Spitfire Solid Cologne


Spitfire Solid Cologne
Spitfire Solid Cologne Spitfire Solid Cologne

What is solid cologne & how do I use it? Our Spitfire solid cologne is a beeswax based cologne that pairs impeccably well with its shaving soap and post shave lotion namesakes. Unlike conventional cologne it contains no water, it travels well (effortlessly passing through airport security) and is easily portable thanks to its size. 

Rub your finger across its surface or use the back of your thumb nail to extract an amount of your preference. Apply to a skin area of your choice, e.g. the neck or wrists and allow your skins warmth to unlock the scents full profile. Once done, re-lid your scent and secrete it in a pocket, draw or your bag.

Depending on a few factors, e.g. quantity applied, your skin type, weather, etc each application should last up to 2 hours. You can fine tune this by layering as little or as much solid cologne as you like throughout the day or evening.

Please note: We hand fill each tin with approximately 12g of cologne and do our very best to fill each tin as close to its lip as possible. However there may be a tiny variation in the amount in each unit as we take care not to overfill and render that tin useless. 

What does Spitfire smell of? Spitfire is a scent I designed around the olfactory memories I have of my Grandfather, who was himself a WW2 Veteran of North Africa and Italy. An avid pipe smoker my "Papa" had an almost tangible air of leather and tobacco that seemed to follow him wherever he went. For Spitfire I've taken the sweet crispness of juniper and blended that with the freshness of bergamot, woodiness of cedarwood and laid all three on to a base of warming leather and rich tobacco. An old fashioned and grounding scent Spitfire transports me back to my very early years. 

Ingredients: Cera alba, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) oil and essential oils: tobacco (fragrance oil), leather (fragrance oil), cedarwood, bergamot and juniper.

Net weight: 12g, proudly designed & made in Hitchin, England.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing idea, perfect scent

Idea of creating perfume based on a new Spitfire plane is simply supreme. Such as is the perfume itself. Thank you guys

Perfect for travelling

For someone that spends a lot of time travelling through airports around the world, the solid cologne is just perfect. Easy to use, lasts a decent amount of time and fits snugly in your pocket.

Lovely smell

Small tin, packs a punch. Tin slightly larger than a pack of 10 feather blades, hence very portable. The cologne is as described- lovely smell of leather,tobacco and sweet engine oil. Smell lasts about 2 hours. I also have the shave soap, the the splash and the lotion. All are accurate to each other. Would buy again.

top Produkt

ich habe das feste Cologne gekauft weil ich etwas neues ausprobieren wollte und bin positiv überrascht. Das Cologne duftet auf meiner Haut bis zu 3 Std, sollte dies nicht ausreichen cremt man einfach nach, denn aufgrund der kleinen; jedoch ergiebigen; Producktgrösse läst es sich leicht überall mit hinnehmen. Einfach nur klasse !

A unique scent

Smells quite unlike anything I've ever encountered before. A very manly smell, tobacco and engine oil is probably the closest I can describe it, so if that's your thing, then this is for you! I use it from time to time.

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