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What's news at Phoenix and Beau?

Well Spring is (more or less) here in the UK and with it comes new products and a few changes to our business.

First up, we'll get the bad news out of the way and that's a rise in our prices, specifically the price of our 4oz soaps. Since launching back in February 2016 we've absorbed a number of material cost increases and have managed to take these on without passing anything on to you.

However this is no longer sustainable and if we want to remain profitable we have to increase our price. As a consequence our 4oz soaps have risen from £10.95 to £11.99, which is a slender increase of 9%. 

Right, that's the bad bit out of the way, now for the good bit!

New soaps, solid cologne and free postage - HOORAY!

As you'll know we have our own version of a bay rum soap that will be released on May 31st. We've called it Imperial Rum and it offers a layered and seductive scent that moves and shifts throughout all the way from un-lidding, to building your lather, to the shave and then post shave.

Both it and its label are a beauty and, as you'd expect, it pairs impeccably with the solid cologne version (also for release on 31st May).


Beyond Imperial Rum we have another core range soap and five seasonal / limited edition soaps that we'll be releasing as follows:

  1. DENALI (Seasonal): Pre-order 31/05 - 07/06. Available 31st June
  2. PALL MALL (Core): Available 31st July
  3. OBERON (Limited Edition): Pre-order 31/07 - 07/08. Available 31st Aug
  4. OBSIDIAN (Seasonal): Pre-order 31/8 - 07/09. Available 30th Sept
  5. WHITECHAPEL (Limited Edition): Pre-order 30/09 - 07/10. Available 31st Oct
  6. BOREALIS (Seasonal): Pre-order 31/10 - 07/11. Available 30th Nov

And finally..

Two things.

Firstly we're very pleased to be able to offer free postage on all UK orders over £40 and all International orders over £65. 

Lastly, if you haven't entered our weekly photo contest - #myphoenixandbeau - you can find out how by clicking here - the prize is one of our awesome 4oz soaps. Get entering but make sure you're bringing your A-game. The standard has consistently grown week on week and we've some superb entries.

As always,thanks for your time and shave right, feel brilliant.





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  • Being a pilot myself and an addict to leather, tobacco and wood scents, I had to buy your SPITFIRE soap. Living in Switzerland I ordered it at Connaught Shaving (good and fast service at very reasonable shipping cost). I am glad to have my own SPITFIRE now;-)
    Great soap, great scent.

    Patrick on
  • Imperial Rum Shaving Soap Review.

    Firstly I have to congratulate Sarah Burrows who came up with the design on the label of this soap. A beautiful nautical theme and colours to match with a striking design that really sets this apart from other run of the mill labels.

    On opening the tub this smells like a traditional bay rum scented soap but after a few seconds my nose began to pick out little hints of lime and sweet orange giving this soap a very nice, modern twist on the bay rum scent, lovely. I chose not to bloom the soap and started the lathering process with a slightly damp synthetic shaving brush. As with all Phoenix And Beau soaps, with just a few swirls of the brush, the lather exploded out of the tub and the scent started to fill the bathroom. Being tallow based, this is quite a thirsty soap so I added some water to the lather and again the volume of lather increased and the added moisture gave the lather a lovely shine to it making it look similar to whipped cream! This soap is just wonderful to use and is easily up there with some of the top US artisans. The cushiony feel on the skin from the soap is magnificent, the slickness and glide on the face is superb.

    There was plenty lather for a 3 pass shave and even enough lather left to wash my face with, before my post shave routine. I highly recommend doing this. Why waste lather when it has so many quality ingredients in it?!?

    Once I’d cleaned up, my face felt as though it had been treated to a very expensive high end shave in a London gentleman’s barbers! My skin felt fantastic and very smooth and soft.

    I really enjoy using this soap and am looking forward to more soaps from Phoenix and Beau. 10/10

    Kevy Shaves on
  • The names on the new soaps sound fascinating, itching to get these upon release. As for the price rises, they still offer superb value for money!

    Nick Sorrell on

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