Where do you ship your aftershave splashes to & can you give me a shipping estimate?

Alcohol splashes are deemed a prohibited item by postal couriers and as such very stringent rules are in place that pertain to their shipping. We are able to send ours to the UK and the below European countries via UPS; this is a tracked 3 to 6 day service and the below rates are set by them.

Shipping costs start at £26.99, this is set by our courier, and this cost varies depending on which country it is being shipped to. 

If you're outside of the UK and would like a splash adding to your consignment, please email us with your order and we will invoice you accordingly.

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Rep
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Holland
  • Hungary
  • Ireland (Rep)
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal (exc Azores & Madeira)
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain (exc Canary Isles, Cueta & Melilla)
  • Sweden

My soaps consistency looks very smooth, is this normal?

Absolutely, yes. We currently decant our cooked soaps in to circular loaf type moulds and then, after a short cure period cut them in to circular pucks. These pucks are then allowed to further cure and are (when ready) hand pressed (gloved hands, that is) and smoothed in to their respective jars. 

My order hasn't arrived yet, how long does it normally take?

We use the UK's Royal Mail service to ship our orders. The days stated in each shipping option, e.g. International Standard (5 - 7 days) equates to the number of days your order will take to get to the respective address or country. These days only take working days, so Monday to Friday, in to consideration. Also, it doesn't factor in, if you're an international customer, your own countries postal service.

We have found that some systems are more efficient than others and we have known some orders to take as long as 3 - 4 weeks to get to our customers (yes, we're looking at you Brazil :)

Please be patient and if you're super mega keen to get your order as quickly and as safely as possible please select the tracked and signed option.

How should I care for my Phoenix and Beau soap?

1. Rinse your soap each time after use with cold water.

2. Invert the jar (or whichever vessel you've decanted it in to) and allow it to breath and dry for a good few hours before you, in the case of your jar, re-lid and turn the right way up again. If you're using one of our samples or "portions" of one of our 60g soaps and have used a shaving bowl or mug, the same applies. In essence, the soap should be allowed to breath and dry and not be sat in moisture. 

3. Like any handmade soap ours doesn't like to be exposed to too high an ambient temperature. If it's hot where you live please try and keep your soap somewhere cool and dry and don't expose it to direct sunlight.

Hang on, my jar looks half filled, are you trying to rip me off?

Each jar is over filled with approximately 20% of its advertised weight. It is then left to cure and during this time the soap dehydrates and loses weight so that it ends up being within roughly 10g of its advertised weight. We have deliberately chosen oversized jars that allow plenty of room for you to build your lather.

This means that whilst your jar is half filled (because to fill it completely would mean you'd be getting roughly 8oz) we are making sure you're getting what you're paying for, and that's a minimum of 4oz (or 115g).

My soap has turned in to a very soft consistency, what should I do?

As described above, our soaps are soft in nature to begin with. We liken them to a firm putty or, in the instance of Albion, a soft putty. Exposure to high ambient temperatures can cause the soap to break down, soften to a creamy consistency and in two instances, separate.

If it's the latter we're afraid there's nothing that can be done for your soap. If it's the former I recommend you pop the soap in the fridge door over night. Make sure your soap is stored somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight and is rinsed out with cold water after each use.

How many shaves can I get per jar

Our 4oz (115g) jars will, depending on how often you shave, what type of brush you use and how heavily you load it, provide between 40 to 100 shaves. Our 2oz (60g) soaps roughly half of this number.

Where do you ship to

For everything but our aftershave splashes, we ship worldwide.

How soon will you dispatch my order? 

We aim to dispatch all orders within 3-5 working days.

If you choose Royal Mail 1st Class Signed for , this means that the parcel will go 1st class. It does not mean, however, that it gets dispatched any quicker.

What is your returns policy?

*Please note that the below policy is compliant with the UK's Consumer Rights Act 2015*

1) For goods purchased from our website you have the right to cancel your order within 14 days after delivery, or 30 days if you feel your goods are faulty*. You must notify us by e-mail of your intention to cancel within these 14 days, or 30 days (in the event of faulty goods) and provide the following, please:

  • Identify your order number
  • Describe your reason
  • Provide proof of purchase (if purchased via one of our stockists).

We will then issue you with confirmation of your right to cancel and instructions on how to return items to us.

Please note - 

1.1) *The Consumer Rights Act 2015 says that your goods should be of a satisfactory quality, as described, fit for purpose and last a reasonable length of time. If you think yours are not, or if you think they are faulty, please e-mail us in order to discuss.  

1.2) If you have purchased your goods from one of our stockists and they are not faulty you will need to explore your returns claim via that third party. In the even they are faulty, please e-mail us as outlined in point 1 and 1.1 (above).

2) Goods must be returned within 14 days of our authorisation.

3) All goods, as supplied by us, must (unless faulty) be returned complete with the original packaging and unused. If you have opened a box to examine a product, you must take all reasonable care to avoid damaging the packaging or the product in any way.

4) You must arrange to return any unwanted items at your own expense. However if the goods are faulty we will refund any reasonable return postage costs on receipt of proof of postage (this can be done via email). Reasonable means just that, i.e. we'll replicate the same postal option you selected to get your goods to you at the point of purchase. In the event you're outside of the UK we will require your full postal address in order to research the most reasonable option pertinent to your country, e.g. USPS First Class package international service. Equally you are very welcome to help us out and suggest the best return method. Whichever is your preference.

5) The original postage costs incurred by you when returning an unwanted order will be refunded along with your payment for the goods.

6) Your refund depends on a full inspection by us to determine if the above conditions have been met.

7) If it is found that returned goods have not met the above conditions, we are unable to accept them and they may be returned to you.

8) We do not accept returns for goods received as part of a buy, sell or trade.

9) Refunds or exchanges will not be given due to personal taste or olfactory perception – our scent profiles have been sufficiently described in each product listing.

10) If you receive goods that have been damaged in transit, we will exchange the damaged items, free of charge, provided that they are returned to us (as per a faulty item) within 30 days of you receiving them.  Photographic evidence of the damaged items, along with proof of postage back to us, will be required before the return is issued.

I would like to review your soap for my shaving blog / company, will you send me some

Certainly, so long as you are happy to cover the cost of your sample and the associated postage to your location. For more details please drop us an e-mail.

Do you offer a bespoke scent-making service

The quick answer is no, however, if you are prepared to cover the significant cost of the associated cosmetic safety assessment, cost of materials and batch development then we might be able to help. Please send us an e-mail if you'd like to run an idea past us.

How are your products compliant with current EU legislation?

1) We complete a detailed product information file for each of our products. Each file includes the product description, the Cosmetic Product Safety Report and details our method of manufacture in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP). Our GMP demonstrates that we comply with industry standard ISO 22716 and addresses areas such as; premises and equipment, personnel, production processes and procedures, documents / records, storage, quality control and complaints.

2) We employ a qualified cosmetic safety assessor to complete a cosmetic product safety report for each product. These reports scrutinise the following areas and ensure they're safe to use:

  • the general toxicological profile of each ingredient used;
  • the chemical structure of each ingredient;
  • the level of exposure of each ingredient;
  • the specific exposure characteristics of the areas on which the cosmetic product will be applied; and
  • the specific exposure characteristics of the class of individuals for whom the cosmetic product is intended.

3) We notify the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal of each of our products which are then made (by them) electronically available to the Competent Authorities (for the purposes of market surveillance, market analysis, evaluation and consumer information) and to the Poison Centres or similar bodies established by Member States (for the purposes of medical treatment).

4) We label our products as follows:

  • List of ingredients: listed on any outer packaging or, if no outer packaging, on the main container. There must be the title “Ingredients” followed by all the ingredients contained in the product, in descending order of concentration. The ingredients have to follow a standard with regard to terminology so there is consistency between different brands, and this is set in the International Nomenclature for Cosmetics (INCI). This means that wherever you buy a product, the ingredients list is using the same terms, keeping the ingredients used easier to identify. The ingredients have to follow a standard with regard to terminology so there is consistency between different brands, and this is set in the International Nomenclature for Cosmetics (INCI). This means that wherever you buy the product, the ingredients list is using the same terms, keeping the ingredients used easier to identify
  • Name and address of manufacturer or supplier
  • Date of minimum durability (“best before date”) or a “Period After Opening” (PAO)
  • Warning statements and precautionary advice.
  • Batch number or lot code
  • Product function (when appropriate if use is not obvious)
  • The amount of contents (weight or volume)