From Humble Beginnings to Exceptional Shaves.

We are Sarah and Buz and, way back in 2015, we found ourselves inspired by a shared passion for traditional wet shaving (legs and faces).

We decided we'd see how far we could get on a journey to create the perfect shaving soap, one that would not only protect and moisturise sensitive skin but also deliver a luxurious lather. Our quest led us to formulate vegan and tallow-based soaps, meticulously refining our creations with the help of the online UK shaving fraternity.

As 2015 became 2016, we continued to burn the midnight oil, testing and refining our formulas, driven by our want to find the exceptional. Our passion and dedication paid off when our creations garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback, with the vegan version receiving rave reviews and the tallow soap proving to be an exceptional shaving experience – and one we had to take to market.

With our foundation firmly established, Phoenix & Beau emerged from our home-based studio in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England. Our commitment to ethical practices remains unwavering, ensuring that our products are not tested on animals – only willing homo-sapiens :)

Today, driven by our passion for innovation, we continue to craft handmade luxury shaving products that not only enhance the shaving experience but also embody the love and care that lie at the heart of our small family business.

If you want to get in touch, you can get us via sarah@phoenixandbeau.uk

Shave right, feel brilliant - Phoenix and Beau.