Phoenix and Beau


2018 Core & Seasonal shaving soaps
Unless otherwise stated, new products will go live from 1200hrs (GMT) on their respective dates.
  • Kickstarter Project. 1st February 2018.
  • Volupta. Limited Edition. Neroli, black pepper, benzoin & lime. Last week of February - £17.99.
  • V60. Core. Coffee, cocoa and vanilla. March 29th - £11.99.
  • Trafalgar. Core. Green birch, north sea & samphire. 31st May - £11.99.
  • Coda. Limited Edition. Fougere. 30th June (pre-order 19th May) - £17.99.
  • SE16. Limited Edition. Summer profile. 31st August (pre-order 14th July) - £tbc.
  • Baskerville. Limited Edition. Labdanum, vetiver and cedarwood. 31st October (pre-order 15th September) - £16.99.
  • Star Noir. Limited Edition. Jasmine, sandalwood and ylang ylang. 1st December (pre-order 20th October) - £16.99.

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