Phoenix and Beau


Coming in 2020

Unless otherwise stated, new products and pre-orders will go live from 1200hrs (GMT) on their respective dates.
    1. Commando: unscented
    2. Dreamtime*: lemon, peppermint and menthol
    3. L'eau D'Phenix: marine floral
    4. Sovereign Noir: dark woodsy
    5. Beaufighter: sweet leather
    1. Dreamtime*: lemon, peppermint and menthol
    2. Wilderness: Cedar, pine and juniper
    3. Lavandula: English lavender, sweet orange and grapefruit.

*In order to do our tiny bit in helping to regenerate the painfully sad loss caused during the Australian bush fires, we're supporting the charity Humane Society International and will be donating 10% of the proceeds of each 'Dreamtime' sale.

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