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Shaving Soap

We think that shaving should be done as well as possible, not as quickly as possible. Our hand made tallow, shea butter and lanolin based shaving soap formula will lay the foundation for the best shave you've ever had.


Solid Cologne

Contemporary, luxuriant and a perfect way to compliment your shaving soap. Our solid cologne is a beeswax based, alcohol free product that travels effortlessly.



Carefully crafted to include conditioning and moisturising oils and waxes, we use unrefined shea butter, organic beeswax, argan oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil and hemp oil to create a rich preparation that deeply moisturises and protects your skin.


their words, not ours (what our customers say)

"I am using the Solaris & Citra Royale. It might be the finest soap I've ever tried. Perfect ingredients. So good"

– Stuart Collins. Vermont, USA

"Having shaved with the Spitfire, I can honestly say that I have never used a better soap. The cushion and glide is exceptional and the post shave feel is as good as anything I have ever used and far better than the vast majority. The scent is everything I expected it to be and more"

– Rodger Paylor. UK

I decided to grab a jar of the Star Noir and I am sure glad I did. This is my first time using Phoenix and Beau and the soap is fantastic. Super slick, great cushion, and the post shave is fantastic. It keeps pulling me back shave after shave. Each shave is better than the last as I dial in the water ratio. This is a very decidedly British soap.

– Ben M. Michigan, USA

Your soaps arrived 5 days after you sent them. Your soaps are brilliant! Just awesome! Absolutely amazing!

– Bruno Spicko. Germany

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