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Spitfire Post Shave Lotion


Spitfire Post Shave Lotion
Spitfire Post Shave Lotion Spitfire Post Shave Lotion

What is it? A key part of your grooming practice is your post shave. Our hand made, small batch lotions calm razor burn by harnessing the soothing powers of five botanical ingredients.

Its alcohol free formula calms post shave sensitivity with extracts of aloe vera, witch hazel, cacay oil, willowbark extract and meadowfoam seed oil. A refreshing lotion that leaves your skin nourished and ready for the day.

Free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates and artificial colours our vegan friendly, tested on humans only lotions are hand filled and finished with gorgeous waterproof vinyl stickers. 

What does it smell of? Spitfire is a scent I designed around the olfactory memories I have of my Grandfather, who was himself a WW2 Veteran of North Africa and Italy. An avid pipe smoker my "Papa" had an almost tangible air of leather and tobacco that seemed to follow him wherever he went.

For Spitfire I've taken the sweet crispness of juniper and blended that with the freshness of bergamot, woodiness of cedarwood and laid all three on to a base of warming leather and rich tobacco. An old fashioned and grounding scent Spitfire transports me back to my very early years.

Net weight: 50g, proudly designed & made in Hitchin, England.

Ingredients: Aloe barbendensis extract, hamamelis virginiana extract, salix alba bark extract, caryodendron orinocense nut oil, limnanthes alba seed oil, parfum.

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Phoenix & Beau all time the best!

Great soap and balm

Good, good soap, nice sensation post-shave and good gel balm for the skin

The « nec plus ultra »!!!

Wonderful fragrance. Nice packaging. Purchasing the after-shave very soon!!! Two thumbs up!!! Many thanks!!!

Post shave lotion

Magical scent. In Finland we have Santa Claus but nothing like that produ ct!


First of all, may I thank-you for your service and swift delivery. I have both lotion and splash. It would be safe to say Spitfire doesn't hold back on the impact when first applied. I had reason to expect the splash would be more intense than the lotion, but not a bit of it. A little of either lotion or splash goes a long way. I'm in no way an expert in terms of "It opens with memories of a Summer in..." etc etc, but safe to say, your own description 'rich tobacco', absolutely nails it. It certainly is a fragrance that will last, and you may well be taken by surprise by the initial impact which takes no prisoners, but is certainly lovely when it settles. If any of you are contemplating Spitfire for the first time, an old fashioned scent is a perfect description.

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