10-Steps To Shaving Nirvana

1. The Pre-Shave: Fill your sink (or a large mug or bowl) with warm to hot water & let your shaving brush have a good soak.
2. If using one of our samples place it in to a small bowl & flatten so that it's a couple of mm thick. Soak the surface of your soap with a few tablespoons worth of warm water (this is called "blooming").
3. Hydrate your skin with a quick wash or visit to the shower. Some like to exfoliate at this point.
4. Once done carefully pour the bloomed water in to your palm & rub this in to the area to be shaved.
5. Glorious Lather: You want a wet brush but not so much that it's dripping with water. Using a circular motion use light to moderate pressure & apply the tips to the soap. It should explode in to a thick, glossy, creamy & voluminous lather. If it doesn't it means you need more water in your brush. 30 seconds of effort should do it.
6. Brush To Face: Use moderate pressure to compress the tips of your brush in to your face & using a circular motion work your freshly made lather in to your whiskers. You're after a thick even consistency & no patches.
7. Shave: Try a 3-pass shave; shave with the grain (of your beard), across the grain & against the grain. Between each pass rinse the remnants of lather with warm water & reapply a fresh layer.
8. Post shave & Tidy Up: Once finished pull the remnants of the lather from your brush & rub it in to the area shaved. If that's your face make sure you get it in to the rest of your face, i.e. the cheeks, forehead & nose.
9. Clean your razor, brush, shaving bowl or soap jar; invert and allow your soap to air dry without its lid for 12 hours.
10. Using warm to hot water rinse the post shave lather from your face before closing the pores with cold water. Pat dry the skin (avoid vigorous rubbing) & allow to air dry for at least five minutes.