Rant number 1: Foam | Gel | Toxicity.

Shaving gels and foams are quick to use and convenient, right? Sure. Our stance however is that speed should not undermine the health and integrity of your skin. For example, well known shaving foams and gel contain (amongst many other horrid ingredients that dry out your skin) the rather vile Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate. A water-based preservative which was originally used in the wood and paint industries. It's now also used in some cosmetics and personal care products. However, even the cosmetic industry admits that this ingredient is toxic, and restrictions have been placed on its use. Question: Why would a person want to use products that contain this?

Rant number 2: Haste | Speed | Perspective.

Life is brief. But why should we rush everything we do? Scraping a razor sharp piece of metal over your skin should certainly not be rushed. We think that the vast marketing departments of the well know giant shaving brands want you to view your regular shave as something that should be completed quickly and without thought. They're glossing over the best thing about traditional wet shaving and that is this; a good soap married to good equipment will give you a sublime shave (and post shave) and there really should be little (if any) need for the worryingly large range of products that are designed to soothe skin that has just been tortured by poorly made, drying foam or gel that carry ineffective ingredients. Convenience and speed do not always correlate with efficacy. Ignore convenience and speed. Be indulgent. Forget propellant fuelled cans of muck and embrace proven shaving tradition. Your skin will genuinely thank you. Question: Do you view shaving as a chore or a pleasurable ritual? If it's the former, ask yourself why?

In summary..

When compared to our soap and a good single or double edge razor modern shaving foams, gels and superfluous (and expensive) multi-blade razors are vastly inferior and ineffective products. Re-calibrate your shaving perspective, forget the faceless multi-national brands who churn out hideous products and love your skin.