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Volupta Seasonal Tallow Shaving Soap


Volupta Seasonal Tallow Shaving Soap

CUSTOMER NOTICE: A limited quantity of Volupta will be available from 1200hrs (GMT), Wednesday 28th February. Until then it will be displayed as 'sold out'.

What does it smell of? Volupta is a beautiful three way accord accord of floral, spice and citrus. A shapeshifting scent that opens with the crisp note of cold pressed lime it quickly progresses to the rounded and floral tones of neroli. A dry heart of spicy black pepper combines and dives down in to a rounded and warm base of comforting benzoin.

Please note we consider Volupta to be of a medium scent strength.

Attention to detail: Our enterprise is an intimate family operation where we focus on the detail, quality and aesthetic of our products and we focus on you, our customer. An example is how we use our own hands to blend each essential oil accord. These are carefully meted out recipes that are made one batch at a time and added to the just made soap.

N.b. Our soap is a thirsty beast. For a better understanding please take a moment and watch my guide on how to lather.

Ingredients: Potassium stearate, aqua, potassium tallowate (bovine), potassium castorate, cocos lactate, glycerin, potassium safflowerate, potassium shea butterate, lanolin, allantoin, tussah silk and essential oils. Essential oils: cold pressed lime, black pepper and benzoin. Fragrance oil: Neroli.

Net weight: 115g (4oz), proudly made in Hitchin, England.

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