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Whitechapel Seasonal Tallow Shaving Soap


Whitechapel Seasonal Tallow Shaving Soap
What does it smell of? Smoke, leather, sweet and dark, Whitechapel is an accord of six notes. Vetiver accommodates the profiles smokey edge, whilst sandalwood and leather reinforce its deep base with their thick richness. A hint of chocolate traces its way through the profile like a wispy London fog and jasmine and ylang-ylang provide a soft floral contrast to the profiles dark heart.
Why is it called WhitechapelIn December 2016 we held a contest where the prize was the winner got to name and outline the scent profile for our Autumn 2017 seasonal soap; Whitechapel is that soap and was named and proposed by a North American Gentleman called Rodney McAlpin.

His inspiration is as follows:

"At the end of Summer in 1888 England, there were 5 murders that all happened in the same place. They call them The Canonical Five, and their deaths memorialised this place. All were different women, but killed by the same man. His name, Jack the Ripper (Leather Apron), who was never caught. The place, WHITECHAPEL. 

1. Mary Ann Nichols (Mother of 5) - Her body was found on Buck's Row (Durward St) which is behind the Underground Train Station. The scent: SMOKE

2. Annie Chapman (Mother of 3) - Her body was discovered in the backyard of 29 Hanbury St. On the other side of the street was Old Truman Brewery that made Porters. The scent: CHOCOLATE/CARAMEL

3. Elizabeth Stride (Long Liz) - Discovered in Dutfield's Yard off Berner St (Henriques St). A witness saw her with a man that night and said, "Watch out, that's Leather Apron getting round you". The Scent: LEATHER

4. Catherine Eddowes (Mother of 3) - Murdered in the south corner of Mitre Square. A flower bed and bench now stand near where her body was found. Scent: LILAC.

5. Mary Jane Kelly - Discovered in her bed at 13 Miller's Court off Dorset St. A Rookery of Doss-Houses, a scent you would smell on any given day would be: TOBACCO. The Soap - Leather, Lilac and Tobacco. With a hint of porter (Chocolate and Caramel) and a whiff of Smoke. 

It would be only fitting to name this soap after the place where these women resided and lost their lives: WHITECHAPEL"

Please note Whitechapel is a medium scent strength and we have found it matures with age. 

Attention to detail: Our enterprise is an intimate family operation where we focus on the detail, quality and aesthetic of our products and we focus on you, our customer. An example is how we use our own hands to blend each essential oil accord. These are carefully meted out recipes that are made one batch at a time and added to the just made soap.

N.b. Our soap is a thirsty beast. For a better understanding please take a moment and watch my guide on how to lather.

Ingredients: Potassium stearate, aqua, potassium tallowate (bovine), potassium castorate, cocos lactate, glycerin, potassium safflowerate, potassium shea butterate, lanolin, allantoin, tussah silk and essential oils. Essential oils: vetiver, sandalwood, jasmine absolute, ylang ylang, leather (fragrance oil) and chocolate (fragrance oil).

Customer Reviews

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It was okay

I loved the label. I'm all about Jack The Ripper. The scent was different, but dark and loved it (wife did also). The performance though was a little hit and miss for me. At first, I thought the soap was going to create a rich, creamy lather. However, it didn't for me. It gave me protection, but the soap dissipated to a bubbly type foam. I bloomed the soap for over 30 minutes and used a synthetic brush. When I was done shaving, I went to empty the soap from the brush and it was just a fizzy looking remainder, instead of creamy peaks of lather. A little disappointed, but I still plan to use it again. Wish there was a matching aftershave or balm for it. I'd say the scent strength was on the lower to mid end of the spectrum. Maybe a 5-6. The post shave was decent enough. Nevertheless, ymmv.

Hi Joseph, Great to hear that you're both enjoying the scent and sorry to read about your lather. If I may can I suggest that you shorten the time of your bloom to no more than a minute and use a medium to well hydrated brush. If you can't get the lather to explode, so long as it's dense in the knot it'll do just fine via a face lather. I hope that helps and please be sure to let me know how you get on. Kindest regards, Kerry.
wonderful soap

Excellent glide and excellent condition of the skin after shaving, a very interesting smell, now it is the number one for me! Highly recommend!


Whitechapel Seasonal Tallow Shaving Soap

Something a little special...

I was very intrigued by the description of the scent, but just a little put off by the story behind it, a little macabre for me, but I took a punt on it and placed my order. Of course, being P&B the soap performance is simply brilliant, very slick. But that scent. Wow. Initially I get the darker scents of leather and sandalwood, then occasional wafts of chocolate and then those wonderful gentle floral notes appear like a mist drifting by. The whole scent 'package' is quite divine. And then add to this some great artwork on the tub and the whole 'thing' is quite stunning. So glad I took a chance on it. Great work guys!

Whitechapel Seasonal Tallow Shaving Soap

Soap very much it was pleasant. The foam is good, an interesting smell, moisturizing is such that you do not need aftershave. I'm glad I got it.

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